Friends of ImpactADHD

(a.k.a. people and organizations that do great work!)

We built ImpactADHD® on a platform of collaboration. So when you're looking for help we don't offer (something other than training, coaching and support for parents and teachers), we hope you'll explore the resources below from some of our amazing partners.  

Like us, these people and organizations are doing great work supporting families all over the globe. You can access them from anywhere you have internet service. You can also click below to see which local service providers have joined us as affiliates and are sharing our resources with their local communities.


This site liberates adults with ADD/ADHD and those affected by it (Family, employees, health professionals, etc) from fear, shame, and stigma.

ADD Crusher™ videos offer solutions to help teens and adults escape overwhelm and reach their potential. Get free eBook and use coupon code IMPACT20 to save 20%

ADD Women, 40 and Better, are Born to be Extraordinary!

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"ADHD and Marriage" a couples seminar for adults with Melissa Orlov


Camp SOAR: Outdoor camping, education and gap years for kids with complex challenges.

Providing education and social support services to young adults who learn differently.

Teaching the Change We want to see in the world.

Executive Strategies for Success 

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ADHD Treatment, Couples Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Parent Coaching


Dr. Ned Hallowell’s award-winning blog offers education about cognitive and emotional health.

Learning Works for Kids:

Find the best apps and games for learning

Online assessment of Executive Function strengths, challenges, strategies & tools. For everyone!

Creative, innovative, informative, and truly effective you-tube style videos about ADHD, for all ages.


International non-profit organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with ADHD.

A national clearinghouse for the latest evidence-based information on ADHD. Supported by Cooperative Agreement with the National Center on Birth Defects Developmental Disabilities (NCBDD) at the CDC

Provides access to qualified, professional coaches for students with ADHD as part of a multi-modal treatment program.

Oldest and wisest Non-Profit Organization:

Supporting, educating and advocating for adults with ADHD.


International Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization:

Learning Disability Association of America, parent organization with local chapters across the U.S.

Non-Profit Organization:

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted 


Behind the Wheel With ADHD PARENT WEBINAR, presented in 3 modules, for parents of teens with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges, who are learning to drive.

Kids in the House The ultimate resource for parenting videos.

ADHD Information Station with host, ADHD Coach Jeff Copper, PCC, ACG, CPCC, MBA.

Core brain and body science. Psychiatry and mind evolve.

Helping women with ADD get unstuck and on track

Mental health & psychology information and support.

ImpactADHD As Seen: Understood

Education and advocacy for children who struggle with attention and learning issues.

ImpactADHD As Seen: ADDitudePrivate sector online and print magazine goes inside the ADHD mind.


We have hundreds of local service providers across the globe who are affiliates. Click here to see which local providers have joined us as affiliates and are sharing our resources with their local communities.