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By now, you have probably figured out that there are a lot of ways that we help parents all across the globe!  It’s a core value of ours that every parent who wants information about the coach-approach should be able to get it. That's why we started ImpactADHD®; and why, all these years later, we continue to give away so much for free!*

ImpactADHD: Educating Professionals/New Skills

As a parent, you deserve support, expert advice, and a sense of belonging for you and your kids.

We understand that parents cannot get all the support you need from free resources. If you really want to put this approach into practice, chances are good that a small investment in a parent training program or group coaching will be necessary to help you turn things around in your family. And so ...

FREE stuff is a great place to start!

With our FREE* resources, we can begin to help you understand how your child’s challenges impact your life, as well as those around you; and teach you to use a coach-approach to create the change you need.

Check out what everyone can get from us for FREE:

* Since it’s expensive to deliver all that we do each week for free, supporters can now help us  cover those costs using a really cool site called Patreon. Please consider making a monthly donation of any amount, even as low as $5– you’ll get some fun extra perks, keep these resources available for parents everywhere, and help take the pressure off for us, for sure. Thanks, in advance, for any support you can offer!

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