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Sanity School<sup>®</sup>

Can Training and Coaching for YOU  Really Help your Kids?

Well, yes -- yes it can!

More than 90% of our members start with Sanity School® because it's fundamental -- and because it has been proven to be effective. In fact, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee because we believe so strongly that every family with complex kids will benefit from taking this training. In our initial research*, with more than 50 families, the evidence was clear: parents reported that they felt more confident and less stressed, and that they saw improvements in their child's behaviors.

How does it work?

Behavior therapy – also known as “behavior management training,” “parent management training,” “parent behavior training” -- is a first-line recommended treatment for children with ADHD and related challenges of Executive Function, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (and all major medical associations).

Training focuses on ADULTS -- parents or teachers – teaching you how to effectively do behavior therapy where the children are struggling. You learn to support complex kids to learn the skills they need to learn to become independent.

Our parent training program (Sanity School®) was created for parents and teachers of kids with ALL kinds of complex issues – ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, Autism,Tourette’s, PKU, and more. It has been proven to:

  • improve outcomes for kids
  • reduce parent stress
  • improve parent confidence
  • delay the need to use medication for younger children, and reduce the amount needed.

When you get the training and support you need and learn how to take a coach-approach to raising or teaching kids with complex challenges, it will improve communication patterns, help to heal fractured relationships, and teach you how to foster independence in kids. So...

  • if you want to stop yelling and start managing
  • if you want to stop struggling and start enjoying your family or classroom
  • if you want to stop feeling like you’re just one outburst, or one difficulty, away from the edge

...then Sanity School® was designed for your busy life, and it is available online with three months of support and coaching.

  • You can learn -- from the comfort of your home, office, car or kitchen.
  • You can learn -- in your PJs, on your commute or while you’re working out.
  • You can learn -- to rediscover the joy of being an adult that kids rely on and trust.
* ImpactADHD® conducted an independent research study in the summer/fall of 2016 in collaboration with Mindprint Learning. Since research on the efficacy of coaching and parent training is conclusive, this research focused on collecting evidence to 1)assure the efficacy of the coach-approach as a methodology for effective behavior management, and 2) improve parent engagement and compliance. A research poster was presented at the International Conference on ADHD in November, 2016. 

"I would definitely recommend the Sanity School® program for parents and teachers. It's very well organized, easily accessible and parent/teacher friendly. It is my new "go to" for accurate and concise information to help explain the complex intricacies of Executive Function and ADHD to overwhelmed parents and teachers who have lost hope." Teresa Y, PhD, Disability Specialist

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