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Group Coaching for Parents

Group Coaching is Practical and Efficient

Make the Effectiveness of Coaching Affordable and Accessible

Coaching gives you the tools you need to manage your complex kids and help them thrive – and a structure to focus on the changes you want to make with support and guidance. And it allows you to stay keep calm in the process!

You can tackle your challenges one at a time in a small group with other parents of similar aged kids (on the phone). When you succeed, and get the the guidance you need -- your kids succeed, too!

Group coaching programs provide reality-based training and the coaching to make it work in your life.

You'll get connection, accountability, and the skills you need to:

  • help your family build stronger relationships
  • live with greater calm and peace in your home
  • help your child cope with their challenges
  • see your child’s potential instead of focusing only on limits

ImpactADHD: Group Coaching/People at meeting

Since October, 2011, our unique telephone-based group coaching program has supported thousands of parents of kids of all-ages. There is something magic that happens in these groups!

Parents connect with other parents of similar-aged kids, in a small group with a coach, and start to tackle their family’s challenging issues, one by one. The program combines coaching with training and support, and the impact is nothing short of transformative!

In fact, many parents return year after year because the support structure is unparallelled, and designed to be exactly what you need to get a handle on raising your beautifully complex kiddos!

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