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When parents succeed, kids succeed. The first step starts with you - the adult. Understand your parent style by shining light on your current parenting approach. With this awareness, you can make changes that help your kids thrive.

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Lois the Lost Mom
Lost Lois

Sue the Super Mom
Super Mom Sue

Connie the Impact ADHD Conscious Parent
Conscious Connie

Ann the Angry Mom
Angry Ann

Maxine the Maxed-out Mom
Maxed-out Maxine

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What's YOUR Style?

Highlight each parent* above to learn more about how parents of complex kids tend to respond. Then, take the quiz below to discover your parenting tendency -- and what to do about it!

* Dads, please forgive us for having images of women only. No offense. We know you can be angry, lost, super, maxed out, fix-it dads, too!

Why You Should Know Your Parenting Style

“My 14 year old finished the semester with an 87% in Algebra, despite a  class average in the low 70s for a long time - the class that she hates the most! And I just want to say thank you. Because you have given me one of the greatest gifts of all - the support I've desperately needed for myself and the empowerment to transfer that support to my children with a more positive tone. My family and my doctor have noticed the shift in my attitude and parenting style -- and I owe it all to you. The impact on my relationship with my step-daughter is profound -- and family members notice it. Managing stress and anxiety has never been a strength of mine, and yet during an extremely stressful time in my life, I'm able to maintain positivity. You and the ImpactADHD® program have changed my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.” ~ Stephanie P, Ga

Take the Parenting Style Quiz!

Are you the kind of parent you thought you’d be before you had kids? No we aren’t, either. When raising complex kids, there are at least 5 styles of parenting. (Actually, there are 6. But if you were a “Fix My Kid I Don’t Want to be Bothered” kind of parent, you wouldn’t be reading this now). While most of us express some combination of these styles at different times, typically we have a ‘default’ style (or two).

So here’s a chance to get some perspective. What kind of parent are you most often?

As you read the questions below, check the boxes that are closest to how you feel. (Check all that apply.) Remember, the more honest you are with yourself, the better chance you have to create the changes you really want.

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