Quick Tip

Sit In a Dark Room

When your brain is moving a thousand miles an hour, and the logistics are demanding every moment of your attention, sometimes you need to take a break. A walk, exercise class, tennis match, even a pilates class would be nice.

But truthfully, when my brain is really humming, I may not be able to slow my mind enough for a 90 minute yoga class, even though I'd like to. Sometimes, it's not the right thing to re-center me.

Lately, I've discovered that losing myself in a 90 minute movie can really do the trick! There's story, action, adventure, emotion – and none of it is about my life, or my to-do list. It's quiet (sorta), and there are treats (sometimes), but most of all, it's pure escape. And occasionally, it's just what I need most to take care of myself.

So whether you're paying full fare at a theater, or streaming a video online, try combating your next dose of stress with a visit to a darkened room – not as a form of procrastination, but as a pure and much-needed break! Sometimes… that can be just what the doctor ordered.

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