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Organizing "Complex" Students for School Success

Organizing Complex Students School Success

Are you a parent or teacher trying to organize complex students for school success?

If so – you probably find yourself frustrated and flustered at times, unsure how to support without enabling, how to guide without hovering – and how to help make sure your child or students are able to learn strategies to take ownership of their education and become independent over time.

And You are Not Alone!

According to student organizers Michelle Cooper and Michelle Grey, it starts with understanding each child's individual needs. As adults, we need to take time to step back and figure out what kids need, and realize that its not all going to be the same.

In this interview on organizing complex students for school success, these seasoned student organizers explain that each member of a family processes information differently. When a complex child lives in a household, it becomes "a family affair" to help support the needs of the complex child.

Complex kids require a whole lot more than just throwing money or strategies at the situation. "Hands-on" solutions and support help kids raise their self-awareness, a key first step in the long-term process of self-management.

So whether you tend to get frustrated, thinking "why can't they just…"; or whether you understand that complex kids' brains are wired differently but don't know what to do to help – this interview is a terrific guide in the fundamentals of organizing complex students for school success.

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