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Getting a Good Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the go

Breakfast starts our metabolic clock and gives us the energy and clarity to conquer the world – or at least make it to work on time. To make sure you get vital nutrients on busy mornings take your Breakfast on the go!  Here are some great tips to help:

•  When you're preparing your kids' lunches, make an extra sandwich. Eat in the car or at work, as you're easing into your email.

•  Drink your breakfast. You don't have to give up that first cup of coffee, but instead of reaching for a second, try a shake or smoothie. There are a variety of products on the market that offer protein, calcium, fruits, and veggies for on-the-go nutrition.

•  Make your own protein shakes using soy or whey. Look online for recipes and make a week's-worth every Sunday night.

Boosting your metabolism, jumpstarting your brain, and maybe even tightening your belt a notch – that's worth a few minutes of your time every day!

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