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Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

My car's in the shop today. Not to worry – I'm optimistic it just needs an oil change.  While waiting, I have taken the time to wander the lot.  After sitting behind the same steering wheel every day for eleven years, I admit that I'm a little bored. I'm not exactly driving my car of choice. I gave up the sporty sedan for larger digs when I went from no kids to three in 19 months. But in my head, I'm still driving around in my 1968 convertible or my 1985 Celica sport coupe.

Maybe I'll get lucky, and my car will need repair. The last time I got a loaner, my kids were out of town. I got to drive a new Miata, with the top down, and full control of the radio – for 3 days!

So today, as I walk around on this beautiful fall afternoon, I let my imagination run wild.

It feels wonderful to dream. Not only does it help us to break through barriers when we are stuck in a particular thought or mindset, but it can actually release endorphins into our body that can help us relax and calm down when we are stressed out. Don't we all need an anti-dote to stress sometimes?

So, what's your dream? It may not be top down, 80 miles an hour, wind in your hair. Maybe it's a vacation, or a career, or just a break from your day-to-day reality.  Take a few minutes and dare to dream it, today. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky!

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