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9 Essentials of Neuro Movement for Positive Brain Change (part 2)

This interview was recorded in two parts to allow for full explanation, and to optimize your brain's ability to process the information. To access the first interview in the series, click here.


In order to truly achieve a positive brain change, there’s more to learn from guest expert Anat Baniel’s Nine Essentials. These guidelines can tap into the true potential of your complex child’s brain, to help them “sort the order and the disorder, to make sense out of the nonsense.”

ESSENTIAL 4: Variation

“You can call it play, you can call it being outrageous…” This Essential is all about introducing “differences” to fight against the fear of making mistakes. Baniel explains: “I work with [children] and get them to make bigger and bigger mistakes, and gradually make them bigger intentionally.” By going to extremes, you can take the pressure off and find the middle ground.

ESSENTIAL 5: Enthusiasm

While we may “do it for the children,” as Baniel says, this can also help parents enjoy the process. With the “amplification of subtle differences,” we can notice and acknowledge the “positive changes.”

ESSENTIAL 7: The Learning Switch

If your child isn’t in the right state to learn, help them turn on their “learning mode.” Don’t insist on giving them homework if they’re not in the right mindset. “If the child is anxious… they are not going to learn.”

ESSENTIAL 8: Imagination and Dreams

“The imagination is fantastic!” Baniel says. Encourage all of your child’s dreams, no matter how outlandish. “Look to build as much of the content in the context of their dreams,” and don’t judge.

ESSENTIAL 9: Awareness

Baniel insists: “We choose to become more aware.” She continues, “It’s something that we do. It’s not a ‘state.’ It’s not outside of our body.” Help your child notice things. Help them move and be aware of the sensations. “When their ability for awareness increases, their ability to understand [school] increases.”


Click here to download the The Nine Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method.

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