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The Arduous Battle

The deaths of Robin Williams, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain aren't just jarring to the public; they're terrifying for those of us who live with depression – whether it's parents raising children with depression, living with spouses who suffer from depression, or even battling it ourselves. It is a far longer, more insidious battle than any fight with cancer I've ever witnessed. The battle with depression lasts a lifetime.

Rather than trying to offer some quick tips on battling depression – which would be insulting at best, and ineffective at worst – I want to point you to a few articles we've published over the years that are a good starting point in the struggle to recognize and begin to treat depression. In particular, I strongly encourage you to read the following:

One more thing. I want to applaud and thank the family of Robin Williams for being open about his struggle and about his death. Hiding mental illness helps no one. The more we shed light on depression, the easier it will be for families who suffer to step out of the darkness!

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