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How We Got Here

When we met in 2010, we had no idea that support and training for parents is actually part of recommended treatment* for kids with complex issues like ADHD, anxiety, and other challenges of executive function.

As Professional Certified Coaches, we did know that:

MANY PARENTS » were struggling to help their complex kids

PRACTICAL GUIDANCE » was really hard to find

PARENT SUPPORT » was essential to helping kids succeed

As the moms of 6 complex kids (between our two families), we were dealing with the same kinds of troubling behaviors that may be familiar to you: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, disorganization, meltdowns, and more.

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When our kids were first diagnosed (with a number of different issues) we read books, went to doctors, put reward systems in place, etc. We tried everything we could to help our kids, and to restore a sense of peace and order in our homes.

But it wasn't until we became trained as coaches that we became the kinds of parents our kids really needed us to be. The skills we'd learned as coaches were transforming our families and the lives of our coaching clients.

Coaching taught us how to communicate much more effectively with our kids -- to motivate them, empower them, and help them become really independent!

We were on a MISSION to provide practical support for PARENTS of complex kids that is...

AFFORDABLE » so parents can make the most of their resources (both time and money)

ACCESSIBLE » so parents can get help when they need it, 24/7

EFFECTIVE » because kids only have one chance at childhood!

ImpactADHD: How We Got Here / Elaine & Diane

Drawing from our professional backgrounds in national health care, and our experiences as coaches, educators and parents, in 2011 … we joined forces to provide the professional guidance that parents really needed!

It was time to use the evidence-based methodology of coaching to help parents get a handle on how to raise complex kids -- kids who struggle with life or learning -- with confidence and calm.

We started to focus on helping parents ... so that they could learn to coach their kids ... so that their kids could achieve success & independence!

* American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Guidelines call for a combination of medical and behavioral approaches for treating ADHD/ADD in children. Behavioral treatments are referred to as "behavior therapy," "behavior management" and "behavioral interventions." In most cases, they refer to a combination of Parent Training and Behavior Management, which includes systems for management in the home and at school. Behavior therapy does not mean putting a child into therapy; instead, it means teaching adults how to take a behavioral approach to managing a child's ADHD.

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