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Communicate Better

3 Step Method to ACE Communication with Complex Kids & Teens

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Am I Doing the Right Thing? One of the most common concerns raised by parents in Sanity Sessions with me…

ADHD Medication for Kids

ADHD Medication for Kids: 10 Things Parents Should Know

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Medication for kids with ADHD is a hot-button issue. Over the years, we have talked with literally thousands of parents…


Storytelling Helps Children with ADHD

By Jim Weiss

Storytelling is a powerful way to reach, and to teach, people with ADHD. In fact, research suggests that telling stories…


ADHD and Gender Differences

By Mary Anne Richey

For the longest time, with focus on hyperactivity, ADHD was considered to be a boys’ disorder. The initial criteria used…


Six Brain-Based Tips to Help Your Child Get Things Done

By Marydee Sklar

Do you constantly nag your child to do homework and chores? If so, you’ve been working really hard as the…


Parent Guidelines for Monitoring ADHD Stimulant Medication

By Charles Parker

Publisher’s Note: While stimulant medication is widely used in the treatment of ADHD, it is certainly not without controversy. This…


Attention Deficit Disorder Is Not a Deficit of Attention

By Jeff Copper

ADHD is Mis-Labeled Labels are misleading. We drive on parkways and park on driveways. When someone says a person is…

Speak Digital

Do You Speak Digital?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

While we don’t know everything about ADHD (yet!), what we do know is that it’s complex, and that we have…


5-Keys to Unlock Executive Dysfunction in ADHD Kids

By Sucheta Kamath

Unmotivated, unaware, scattered and disorganized children are often thought to be lazy (and unintelligent). In fact, they typically struggle with…