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How to Create a Great Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

By Michele Novotni

Having a son with ADHD really reinforced the importance of my building a good working relationship with his teachers. Being…

work and kids with ADHD

Pulled Between Work and Kids with ADHD

Interview with Abigail Wurf

Remember how fun tug-of-war used to be? Getting down in the dirt, pulling with all your might – it’s the…

Coping with feeling overwhelmed

How to Cope with (and Avoid) Feeling Overwhelmed

Interview with Kricket Harrison

This interview is about the best ways to cope with (and avoid) feeling overwhelmed – and how to stay calm…


How to Help Teens with ADHD Stop Procrastinating

Interview with Michael Delman

As parents, we can’t help but worry when our teens won’t stop procrastinating. It can bring up some deep-rooted fears:…


Managing Emotions with Two Sides of a Coin Principle

By Pam Shervanick

What Do Tantrums and Eye Color Have in Common? A common description of children with ADHD is that they are…


It All Starts with Sleep

By Ari Tuckman

Somehow it’s still amazing to me how often I wind up talking about the importance of sleep with my clients.…


Help – My Teenager is Under the Influence of Hormones!

By Jeff Copper

When it comes to matters of paying attention, you need to focus on the process, not the result. This is…


Parent Self Care: Aristotle Says Go Out and Play

By Matthew Weneta

Note this Wisdom of the Ages: as a parent, you have a right  — actually, a responsibility — to make…


3 Tips to Increase Peace in Your Home

By Sabrina Marasovich

I have something really embarrassing to share: I tried countless times over the course of about 15 years to change…