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Helping siblings in ADHD families

Helping Siblings in a Family with ADHD

Interview with Roya Kravetz

Siblings fight – we wish it didn’t happen, but sometimes there’s nothing we can do. Or is there? This week,…

Helping kids manage stress

Helping Complex Kids Manage Stress in a Stressful World

Interview with Mary Anne Richey

In today’s chaotic world, stress is an unfortunate fact of life, for us and our kids. For complex kids, it…


Managing Chaotic Times in the Life of a Family with ADHD

Interview with Ari Tuckman

The only thing constant in family life is change. Whether it’s starting school, ending school, changing jobs or even a…


5 Things ADHD Kids Want Parents To Do Differently

Interview with Sharon Saline

Sharon Saline knows a thing or two about what complex kids want. As a clinical psychologist and author of the…


4 Life Rules to Using ADHD to Its Full Advantage

Interview with Peter Shankman

There are so many challenges that parents face when a child is diagnosed with ADHD, that it can be difficult…


What Makes a Child Twice Exceptional (2E)?

Interview with Dr. Michael Postma

A child that is both gifted (a 130 IQ, according to the Columbus Group) and has at least one learning…


Consequences for ADHD – Are they Counterproductive?

Interview with Dr. Kirsten Milliken

What does PLAY have to do with consequences for children with ADHD? More than you might think. Psychologist and play-expert,…


ADHD Identity is Connected to Sleep Management

Interview with Dr. Roberto Olivardia

“I don’t know anyone with ADHD who doesn’t have trouble with sleep,” says Guest Expert Dr. Roberto Olivardia, kicking things…


Leverage ADHD in Children and Teens

Interview with Dr. Billi Bittan

As parents of complex kids, we can get a little stuck trying to “fix” the challenges our children face. We…