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Are you Getting Enough Vitamin F?

By Diane Dempster

This time of year, we often get worn out from all the “togetherness” – family, parties, events. It can be…

Dr. Erik Fisher

4 Lessons to Learn from Your ADD/ADHD Kids

By Erik Fisher

In the two decades I have been helping kids and parents improve their relationships, I can’t count the number of…

Wendy Blumenthal

Help Your ADHD Child Succeed: Tips From a Therapist/Mom

By Wendy Blumenthal

Raising my son with ADHD has been full of inspiring, albeit challenging, parenting moments. While preparing for a dessert party…

Keath Low

What Your Child Needs to Know About ADHD: 5 Talking Points

By Keath Low

If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), s/he may have many feelings and even…


Five Things to Get Your Kids (or Anyone) to Do What You Ask

By Diane Dempster

But with ADHD kids – all kids, actually — it is more complex than that.  Leadership experts, great at motivating…


Lessons for Kids from the Olympics: Hyper-Focus, Motivation & Passion

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Why We Watch The Olympics would be boring to watch were it not for the young athletes’ ability to hyper-focus.…


When in Doubt, Give Options Not Advice

By Diane Dempster

In coach training, we are taught to avoid giving advice. This is for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it empowers…

Leverage ADHD

What the Future Holds

By Dr. Billi Bittan

As an ADHD Coach and Expressive Arts Therapist, parents often come to me feeling lost, confused and directionless. Sometimes they’re…