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To Feel Well-Rested, Think in Terms of Sleep Cycles

Sleep Cycles

Now that school is back in session for many of us, the ongoing battle between early morning buses and late night homework sessions is already raging.

I find that I do better with getting enough sleep – and getting good sleep – when I think in terms of sleep-cycles. There's something magic about that 90-minute number.

My 11 year old came home from his first day of school exhausted, and hit the couch. He was out like a light! I tried to wake him so that he'd sleep that night. No luck. But when I waited until he'd finished the sleep cycle 1 ½ hours – he was able to wake up and sleep that night.

So if you start to feel run down – and let's be serious, the beginning of a school year does that to us as much as the end of the year – pay attention to sleep cycles. Plan a little, and see if that extra 30 minutes between 7 and 7 ½ hours, or better yet, 8 ½ and 9 hours, makes a difference.

If getting even 6 hours is a challenge, you might search “Sleep” on the site for some other guidance, and take a minute to read

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