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Is It Better To Be Right Or Happy?

is it better to be right or happy

No One Wins

How often do you find yourself going toe to toe over a particular issue with your kids or even another adult? Sometimes it's important to defend your point of view, but constant arguing can damage relationships. In these situations no one wins. So is it better to be right or happy?

Much of what we argue about with others is a matter of opinion or perspective and there is no way to prove that we are “right.” Once our ego gets attached to a point of view, however, it's difficult to realize when a stalemate has been reached.

Pick Your Battles

One of the cool things about being human is that we get to have opinions. But in order to honor our own right to have them, we have to also honor the rights of others to differ from us. It is important to pick our battles, and that means it's also important to let go of the need to prove our point.

So, next time you find yourself in one of these situations, hoping to convince someone that you are right, you might want to ask yourself, “Would I rather be right or let it go and be happy?”

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