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Happy Parents are Good for Kids

happy parents

It's tough to decide how much of ourselves – our time and our lives – to give to our kids. As a Mom of kids with ADHD, I lean toward giving-myself-away. What about you?

Many parents feel torn between choices for their kids, and choices for themselves. Often, parents make decisions from a sense of obligation and duty. They want to do what is best for their children, but they have not figured out how to do that and still consider what is best for themselves. As a result, they tend to feel resentful, angry, and guilty.

Resentment and guilt aren't good for anyone in the family.

So, what's the solution? I have come to realize that it's REALLY important for parents to do things for ourselves that make us – happy.

That may mean considering ourselves when we make decisions about how to use our time. I want my kids to understand that sometimes I make decisions for them, and sometimes I make decisions for myself.

I still have a tendency to give myself away. But now, when I spread myself too thin, I'm aware that I'm doing it, and there is (often) a method behind the madness.

I am firmly committed to my own pursuit of happiness. I have put myself back into the equation, and it's made all the difference – for myself AND my family.

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