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Go to the Bathroom!

Go to the Bathroom

This is one of those Self Care Tips that seems ridiculous on the surface, but that many of you women out there will relate to.

Stop what you're doing and go to the bathroom! Don't hold it to get one more thing done. Go ahead. Go now. I'll wait.

We women tend to get so busy with our malaise of one-more-thing-itis that we "forget" to stop and give our bladders some much-needed relief. Perhaps we don't want to hold anyone else up. Or maybe, we feel the need to send one more email, fold one more towel, or make one more phone call. And then we look at the clock, take a quick gasp, and we're out the door before we take the time to take care of ourselves, physically.

For many women, urinary tract and bladder infections are a natural consequence of our delays; for others, urinary incontinence is just around the corner. Taking a break to do what “no one else can do for you” is the ultimate act of Self Care!

So if you've been holding it to finish reading this, well, what are you waiting for? GO!

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