Quick Tip

Get Organized!

Get Organized

It's the Start of the Week! Managing priorities and minimizing distractions can make the difference between a productive week, and one spent spinning in circles. Take 10 minutes today for one small organizing step. You could make a list of all the home projects that are rattling around in your head, or create a dinner menu for the week. Just start to capture whatever has been weighing on you the most.
My small step is starting my week by pulling out my lists – one for work and one for family – and setting a timer. Without that timer, I'm Alice. I'll fall down the rabbit hole of distractions! I focus on making sure I know what needs to be on the “master to-do list” for the week.

Like my step, yours doesn't need to be fancy; it just needs to work for you and help make your life a little easier!

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