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Find the Humor (a.k.a. The Banana Peel Perspective)

Banana Peel

If you look for it, almost every scenario has both a silver lining and a banana peel perspective. The silver lining you probably already know – it's a positive way of looking at any situation (cue the violins playing in the background). It's a way of reframing something frustrating or difficult to find the opportunity or the advantage.

The banana peel perspective may be a new concept for you.

Think of it as the comedic way of looking at anything (cue the wa-wa horns).

We tend to be excellent at taking things seriously, and even at finding the silver lining. Most of us could benefit from building the muscle to look for the "banana peel" perspective when things don't go our way.

When we don't take things too seriously – when we look for the humor in a situation – we can often lighten up enough to avoid the stress cycle and manage whatever comes at us with more calm.

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That doesn't mean that we ignore "serious" situations.

It just means that we can apply a filter to avoid seeing everything as overly serious! AND, even when something is serious, we still allow ourselves to use laughter where possible to lighten the load.

If you've ever cried until you ended up laughing, or laughed until you ended up crying, then you probably know what I'm talking about. Sometimes in life it's a fine line between finding the absurdity or seriousness of a situation, and seeing the humor in it.

As parents, we are in this for the long haul, and we have to expect our kids to do some “stupid” things over time. It's part of their job description.

The more we laugh, and help them begin to see the banana peel perspective when things don't go their way (or our way for that matter), the easier life will be for the whole family.

Oh, and one more thing. It works for adults when we do "stupid" things, too!

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