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Easing Transitions: Save the Best for Last

easing transitions

While kids with ADHD often have difficulty sustaining focus – which is how a 10-minute chore can last 2 hours – they also have trouble shifting their focus. When your child is playing video games, for instance, she is getting constant stimulation and feedback. No wonder she doesn't want to stop!

Parents often find it challenging to get their kids to switch from a preferred task – e.g. games or movies – to a required task – e.g. homework or chores. So what's a parent to do? Try doing the required activity first, and then doing the preferred one afterwards (even as a reward). It'll make transitions much easier.

Here's an example: your child can do her bath routine and then have dessert, do homework and then have time to watch a YouTube video, or do her weekend chores before going out to play. Of course, you can't do this with bedtime! But it works with a variety of other activities throughout the day. When possible, save the best for last.

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