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Teach Self-Awareness: Acknowledge Your Kids

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Ever had one of those parenting moments when you look around and realize that your child has just done, or said something great, and no one else recognizes how spectacular they actually are?

When you find yourself wanting to share your child’s success, tell him or her directly. Why bother with a middle-man? After all, who needs to know more than your child?

Acknowledgement is an empowering coaching skill. It’s about recognizing people for their inner strengths and gifts – for who they are, not just what they do. It builds self-esteem, and more importantly, it builds self-awareness.

“It was really nice of you to make that for your sister,” tells your child that he is kind. “That was brave of you to try a new food,” acknowledges your child’s fear and encourages more exploration.

ADHD kids, in particular, can usually benefit from getting a better sense of how they are viewed by others. Acknowledgement is a great tool to help your kids see themselves – and their strengths – more clearly.

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