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Stop Your Kvetching

Stop Your Kvetching

(Kvetch: verb, Yiddush, to complain, especially chronically.)

Some people are conditioned for complaining – they are wired that way. When you ask a child how her day went and she starts off by telling you what went wrong on the playground, that’s a good indication that she might be a complainer. Much of the time, our kids get it from us.

I prefer to see this knee-jerk negativism as a consequence to having an analytical mind. That way, it can logically be re-directed. Why should it matter? Because negative thoughts bring us down, and positive thoughts lift us up. Yes, it’s really that simple.

So how can you stop your kvetching?

Notice: do you tend to complain, criticize or gossip?

If so: When you start to complain, hear yourself out. For starters, just let it happen.

Then: immediately, think about something good that you can mention – sorta like a counter-balance.

Next: return to the complaint. Is there anything else about that situation that you can find that might be positive?

Over time, you may find that you’ll naturally start re-directing yourself to look for the positive. Until then, keep using your logical skills to consciously direct your thinking.

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