Overcoming Learning Challenges – A Complex Kid Speaks Out

Do you sometimes feel like you don't know how to talk to your child about her learning challenge? Do you want to be able to empower him to believe in what he CAN do, but it feels like a losing battle? Let my daughter, Sydney, do the heavy-lifting for you, kid to kid, in less than 5 minutes.

When children are diagnosed with learning disabilities, they often experience uncertainty and confusion. They look to you for confidence, but you're still trying to figure it out, too! Taking the time to sit down with your child and talk through her diagnosis can make all the difference in helping her (and you!) understand how her brain works, and what it means for her future. Plus, knowing you're both on the same page, your child will feel your support and may even have the confidence to share her story with others – like my daughter Syd does here!

Facing daily challenges of Dyslexia, anxiety, and ADHD, Sydney Taylor-Klaus speaks out in this video (and in her Manifesto from a Teen With Learning Disabilities), kid to kid, empowering her peers to help themselves overcome learning challenges! She asks only that you share this with your kids.

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