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Is it Good Enough?

good enough

Some people are comfortable when things don’t go the way they plan, while others want to control everything. The gift lies somewhere in the middle, recognizing when things are good enough. Diane and I talk a lot about recovering from perfectionism. In learning to let go of perfection – frankly, in every aspect of life – the greatest key to success is practice.

Letting go, particularly in relatively “little” areas, can be great to teach your kids. It’s not that we don’t want them to do well, but we don’t want them to always feel the need to be perfect. get our kids to be able to manage their responsibilities They need to learn to make choices about how much time or energy to spend on any given project.

So when your child insists that s/he must spend two more hours, or spend another hour after bedtime on that model s/he’s building, help him or her see when the work is actually good enough. It might help you begin to recognize it for yourself, too.

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