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Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

Despite our firm belief in the values of asking for help and delegating responsibilities, this Self Care Tip is going to take a different spin.

Sometimes, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to take care of something on your own. When stress levels are high, or you are feeling on edge, it may not be the best time to have your son help with dinner. You might just need that time to yourself.

I was driving to an event with my spouse, recently, and I could tell that he was anxious when the first parking lot was full. Instead of driving around the block, I insisted that he get out and let me park the car. Yes, I was willing to walk several blocks — in high heels — just to keep my anxiety level from rising (which is what staying in the car together would have likely produced).

It was a win-win situation. He was calmer walking in and getting a lay of the land. I was happy meeting an interesting woman in the parking lot and walking in with her. Stress was avoided for both of us, all because I chose to do it myself.

Sometimes, making a positive choice to reduce your stress level, even if it requires a bit more work or a few extra steps, is just the self-care you need!

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