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Dina Djunaedi
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As a mother homeschooling two neurodivergent children, I've been shaped by a unique third culture experience: being Indonesian but born and raised between Singapore and California and now calling Jakarta home.

My journey with ImpactParents began with a simple quest – seeking resources in Indonesia for my kids.

When my kids were first diagnosed, I left my full-time graphic designer job. Two different diagnoses in 6 months. I was scared, confused, and lonely. I felt like no one understood what I was going through, and I was constantly judging myself.

When I finally stumbled upon Sanity School®, it was so refreshing to know that there was something I could do for myself and my kids that didn’t involve dragging my kids to more therapy sessions.

ImpactParents changed everything, took me from barely surviving to thriving, and opened the door to more courses and certifications. I focused primarily on executive functions as it looked like the key to understanding both of my children's challenges.

Along the way, I realized that information regarding Neurodiversity and EF was scarce in Indonesia, and I created @mindseeds.id on Instagram, where I talk about EF strategies and neurodiversity awareness for parents in Indonesia, and @neuminds.id - Indonesia's first online Neurodiversity Conference. These channels gave me the opportunity to meet parents and neurodivergents. It seemed that executive functions were the key, but when I sat with a couple who were struggling with managing their expenses, the conversation quickly turned from EF to their marriage and relationship. I realized that there was something bigger at play, something beyond executive functions.

When I reached out to Elaine, she very simply said, "It's not just about executive functions. It’s about life." This brings me here today as a Certified Professional Coach.

I'm here to partner with you through the beautiful chaos of parenthood, one breakthrough at a time. Embracing neurodiversity, mastering executive functions, and breaking those generational cycles together.

Trust, heart-centered connection, and incredible growth await us.

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, USA, CPCC
  • International Coaching Federation, ACC
  • Certificate of Accreditation for Executive Function Coaching with Adults - Level 1: Core Skills, Connections in Mind, UK
  • Growing Up Mindfully for Kids Certification with Dr. Christopher Willard, USA
  • Positive Education (Psychology) Certification (PEC), The Center of Positive Education, USA
  • Executive Skills Coaching Certification with Dr. Peg Dawson, USA
  • Professional Certification in Learning Differences & Neurodiversity (Specializing in Executive Function), USA
  • Certified Sanity School Parent Behavior Management Trainer, Impact Parents, USA

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